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Café Amadeo Development Cooperative – A Success Story


With the revitalization of the industry, Mayor OJ Ambagan of amadeo has simultaneously initiated activities within his jurisdiction.  The municipality has hosted the Pahimis Festivals and along with this has similarly initiated the formation of the Café Amadeo Development Cooperative in June 28, 2002 to actively engage in coffee beans trading and ground coffee processing.  It was organized with 15 active big farmers/millers and boasts of a current capital of about P2M.  It was able to corner a monthly order of about P 80, 000 sales of brewed coffee with the provincial government.  It has also been actively participating in various local fairs/expositions.  Last year alone, the cooperative has generated total sales of P2.9M.  The cooperative has been a potent force in the marketing of the Amadeo coffee beans to Nestle Philippines, Universal Robina Corp., Figaro to name a few big coffee bean users.  It has also set up five (5) market outlets, three (3) in Cavite, one (1) in Parañaque City and lately in San Fernando, Pampanga.  To this day, the cooperative is fast growing and keeping to its mission of continually supplying best grade coffee beans and ground coffee for the entire benefit of Amadeo Coffee farmers (4,560) in general and of its members in particular.


            It is also noteworthy to mention the success of an individual enterprise (RA Enterprises) that has recently penetrated the US Market with its beans and ground coffee.  Owned and managed by Ms. Olive Arias also of Amadeo.


            Additionally, “Adopt a Coffee Farm Program” has been launched where a Manila based investor is leased a hectare farm lot for P10, 000 a year and plant this with coffee trees.  There were about 40 who initially enrolled in the program and still growing.  Total investments from this is about P400, 000.00.


            Amadeo indeed has gone a long way as a model coffee village of the province.  




The Rebirth of the Coffee Industry


Our country is constituted of the agricultural lands that form the bigger percentage of our country.  Having a tropical climate, a rich soil and abundant of underground minerals, the Philippines belongs to the top when we talk of agriculture.  Our people specifically the farmers plant several crops that is known not only here in the Philippines but worldwide as well.


When the Provincial Rural Industry Development Committee and the Provincial Government have joined hands way back in 2001 to focus on the revitalization of the Cavite Coffee industry, they have since then painstakingly done their share in slowly shaping back the former glamour of the industry where the beans and the ground coffee “Cavite Brew” were actively traded in the local market.


There are nine (9) Coffee Growing municipalities in the province but the municipality of Amadeo has stood out in the overall coffee performance in terms of hectarage planted, production and number of coffee farmers, as well as other development factors.  In the year 2001, it has the highest registered figures in terms of production with 4,560 metric tons with 4,226 farmers and 3,800 hectares devoted to coffee.  It was not then surprisingly that Amadeo was declared as the Coffee Capital Town of the Philippines during the first “Pahimis Coffee Festival” in 2002 where Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and some members of the cabinet and Congress and other dignitaries where around to grace and give credence to the celebration.  Since then, the town is proud to have posted the second (2003) and the third (2004) Coffee Festivals and it has since been part of the tourism calendar of events / itinerary.

Truly Coffee is the favorite of each of us through the years...


The birth of numerous ground coffee processors and coffee related industries were Café Amadeo Development Cooperative has successfully ventured.  To date, total investment generated is about P 17,130,000, direct employment of 1,252, total sales of about 4 million.

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